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April 2016

The two disciples walked the Road to Emmaus with an interesting and intriguing stranger.  Only in the breaking of bread did they recognise the stranger as their friend.  Around a supper table they recognised Jesus.

The events and happenings of the past year in Sandford are in the APCM report.  This evening I’m thinking about what they mean, what we are learning, what I have learnt.

And it is this, that meals are Eucharistic.  In one sense we have always known this.  Churches and hospitality go together.   Where there is church there is cake!!  We know this already, from Saturday Coffee to Open House and the many other church gatherings.

In Sandford however, it’s croissant rather than cake.  Breakfasts seem to be the place we are seeing the most energy and growth.  Is this the way God is working to make his name known?  Through Breakfast?  

But for many in this unchurched generation, eating together is where they find community and belonging.  For us we are discovering that as we share breakfast week by week, we are discovering and treasuring one another.  But more than that, some of us are beginning to recognise the stranger in their midst as the risen Jesus.

And that is at the heart of all that church is about.  Making known the name of Jesus so that he is glorified through the lives of ordinary people, serving an extra ordinary God. 

There are people that I would like to thank particularly for their contribution to the mission in Sandford this year.  First of all, the congregational committee in Sandford, Maureen Lever, Lesley Milson, Carol Gallop, Charlotte Barbar, Malcom Selwood and Erica Payne.

Then there is the Mission Group who have met and worked over the last 4 years, experimenting with Tea Time Treats, starting and running Ladies Breakfast, and are key in ensuring that Breakfast@9 runs by taking on the various roles.

And these people are…Liesel Muraro, Charlotte Barbar, Tina Williams, Barbara Wells, Mary Richter, and more recently David and Di Kimble, Hilary Bond, and Linda Everett.

There is always danger in naming names, because of leaving people out.  There are others of course, people who have prayed, given encouragement, ideas or simply listened.  And for all of these I’m very grateful.  

There is of course one more person that I want to say thank you to.  What you see is only the tip of the iceberg of what they give, without them …… well I’d be in a right mess.  So my last thank you goes to my husband David Maw.

Of course there is one last thing to say and that this will be my APCM. David and I moving to a new housing development in Aldershot to pioneer a new church plant.  Last summer I sensed God saying that I had done all that I was meant to in Wareham Parish and that it was time to move on.

It of course a time of mixed emotions for David and I, sadness in leaving people but excited for the future.  But this is not a good bye speech, there is still much that can be achieved in three months particularly in supporting Simon and yourselves and all across the parish as we continue with the mission entrusted to all Christians in their baptism and that is Making Jesus Known.  

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