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St Nicholas, Arne

St Nicholas Church, Arne

The Saxon church of St Nicholas in Arne is distinctive in its location, settled as it is in one the UK largest nature reserves, which attracts visitors from far and wide.  The congregation have a deep love and sympathy for the natural world that surrounds them.  They were recently awarded a Silver Gilt Award for the quality of wild flowers in Churchyard.  They also have active relationships with Dorset Wildlife Trust and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds which has a centre nearby.  This love of it's surroundings, inspires the annual flower festival.

St Nicholas Church, Arne

The original villagers of Arne were evacuated during WWII and never returned.  Today the congregation is eclectic travelling from beyond the parish boundaries to worship in the ancient rhythm of BCP and the language of King James in this peaceful setting.   It is a ‘church of choice’ and one needs to arrive early to guarantee a seat on Sunday mornings.

Services are held on a fornightly basis and follow a more traditional Book of Common Prayer form of worship.  To find details of services and times, please check the calendar

St Nicholas' isolated location, the name Arne means ‘secret’ and its surroundings influence the spirituality of the congregation.  God is strongly identified as Creator and Lord.  While one’s spirituality is generally considered a private matter by the people of St Nicholas, their individual presence and engagement with the wider community in various clubs and groups gives expression to that spirituality in the love and care for thy neighbour that is deeply and sincerely felt by this congregation.     

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