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Lay Pastoral Assistant Team                                                   

Our fantiastic team of Lay Pastoral Assistants are a big support to the clergy team throughout the parish. They are involved with baptism and thanksgiving preparation, taking communion to those who can’t get to church, leading services at Anglebury Court and Moretons Court and visiting those who are not well or who are housebound.  For more information, please contact the Parish Office.

Our work with local schools

Across the team we connect with over 500 children every week in term time - that can't be bad!  In our primary schools we have regular assemblies, supporting the school theme as fas as possible.  We also have a school end of term service at the end of each term in Lady St Mary Church, to which Wareham St Mary and Stoborough Primary schools come.

We are very fortunate that all three of our local primary schools, Wareham St Mary, Stoborough and St Martin's Sandford, have a church connection that enables Foundation Governors to be at the heart of the school leadership team.  It is good to be such a supportive part of our schools communities.

Wareham Hospital                                                  

We run weekly services at Wareham Hospital  These are supported by those who are not only musical but can offer a listening ear and non-judgemental chats to comfort many of the patients.  We have a small regular congregation that join us who are wonderful at welcoming patients into the relaxed atmosphere of the service and offer the chance to engage with Church once again (as many, due to age or health have stop attending).  If you would like more information about the work we do at Wareham Hospital, please contact the Parish Office.        

OASIS (Offering a Support in Sorrow)    

OASIS is a community group dedicated to supporting the recently bereaved.  Around 60 families in the local area are visited each year.  Each year there is also an annual Service of Thanksgiving, held at Lady St Mary Church, offering all those that have lost a loved one, an opportunity to come together and remember them.  For more information, please contact the Parish Office, Jane Yard or Judy McLeish.  

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