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About us

Good Friday Walk of Witness, WarehamWe are a warm and welcoming group of people made up from all different walks of life, covering a wide range of ages, enjoying a variety of different apporaches to worship but all with common vision to love God, become like Jesus, grow in the Spirit together.

Our Vision and Values

Our purpose is to help people find their way back to God.

We seek to be a prayerful, welcoming and caring church that is led by the Holy Spirit; reaching people that church doesn't normally reach.  We aim to do this by: 

  • aspiring to be led by the Holy Spirit and grow in faith
  • playing a full part in promoting the Christain Faith being with involvment with Alpha, Purbeck Evening Praise and 'Connect' at Holton Lee
  • being a traditional church with a Mission Heart, we seek what God wants and are keen to develop the next generation of leaders
  • seeking ways of growing our existing Church Family links                     
  • and looking to the possibility of forming a Minster based in Wareham.

Schools service at Lady St Mary Church, WarehamFor more information about us see:

Our churches

Our people


and mission.

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