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Baptisms and Thankgivings

If you are thinking about baptism or thanksgiving for your child, please contact the Parish office. We will arrange for a Lay Pastor to contact you and introduce themselves.  You will be invited to come along to an informal preparation lunch or supper, to meet other parents that are exploring baptism or thanksgiving, so that you can decide which service will be most appropriate for you.

We suggest that you come along to a couple of services at church to find out what goes on. The process of preparing for baptism or thanksgiving can take up to 6 months and we would encourage you to use this time to explore more deeply your own faith and beliefs.

After you have completed your request form (which you will receive at the lunch or supper), a date for the service will be arranged with you by the Parish Office.  Your Lay Pastor will meet with you in church with your Godparents/Supporters to run through the service.  For more information, please refer to the 'You, Your Child and the Church' leaflet that explains more details.  

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