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Wareham Bellringers

Our team of bell ringers ring at Lady St Mary Church in Wareham for Sunday Service and all other national and local events where bells are expected to ring (for example the Queens Jubilee, Armistice Day and somw weddings).  They are always pleased to welcome new members to the team.  For further information, please contact the Parish Office. 

Lady St Mary Tenor Bell Appeal

We have now provisionally ordered a new tenor bell from John Taylor Bell-founders of Loughborough, to replace our old poor-toned tenor. It seems likely that its poor tone may in part be due to hairline cracks or flaws in the crown of the bell but we can not be sure of this until the bell is removed from the headstock. If all goes well the work should be done early in 2014.

A deposit of about 20% of the final cost has been paid to secure the price against future rises in the costs of bell-metal, this deposit is fully refundable in the unlikely event that the Diocese does not grant a Faculty.  So far, we have raised the £20K need to cover the cost of the new bell and fittings (incl. VAT) thanks to the generosity of the townsfolk of Wareham and a substantial grant from Viridor Credits.  The rules on VAT and church bells, has recently changed and we are hopeful that we may be able to recover some of the VAT paid. If so, we are almost there on completing the fundraising for the second part of the project (refurbishing the sound-control system), otherwise we still have to raise a few more thousand pounds.

We have been offered grants amounting to about 20% of the costs of the additional work from the Bell Restoration Funds of the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers (http://sdgr.org.uk/) and the Dorset County Association of Church Bellringers (http://www.dorsettowers.ndo.co.uk/index.html).

Other bellringing web sites that may interest people are:

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http://dove.cccbr.org.uk/home.php                        Details of all “English style” church bells worldwide

http://www.peterwalker.info/churches.html          Details of Dorset Churches

Graham Elmes, Captain LSM ringers


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