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Wider church family

The leaders of all the church denominations in Wareham pray together, arrange and hold joint services.  Our churches seek to show the people of Wareham that we all love the Lord Jesus and are one church.

Purbeck Evening Praise

On the fourth Sunday of the month Purbeck churches come together for a time of contemporary worship, ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit and relevant teaching.  We meet at 6pm in locations around Purbeck.  It’s a great time to meet with the Lord and each other.  To find out where and when we are next meeting, please refer to the calendar.

Good Friday Walk of Witness  

At Easter, once again we come together to celebrate the greatest act of love that the world has ever seen – Jesus dying on the cross for the whole world – for all of us, wherever we live, however old we are.  We have the opportunity to all be part of the ‘visible’ Wareham Church Family by joining in with the Walk of Witness on Good Friday.

This year we will meet at Wareham Quay at midday and will walk through the town to remember Jesus' walk to the cross, returning to the Quay for hot cross buns in the Parish Hall. For more information about the Good Friday Walk of Witness, which this year will take place on Friday 18th April, please contact the Parish Office.    

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