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Many members of our church family choose to give back to our church in a number of different ways, either by using the skills they have been blessed with in the form of volunteering at regular groups, being an active member of our church councils, or financially supporting the work of the church.  

If you wish to make a one-off financial donation to supprt the work that we do, please refer to our 'My Donate' page.  If you would like to make a more regular donation, please contact the Parish Office who will help organise this for you.  However you donate, we encourage those who pay tax to complete a Gift Aid form, which enhances any giving by 25%.

Celebration and Gift Days

Each year we take the opportunity to celebrate the work of the 5 churches and 7 congregations that make up Wareham Parish. Between them they run and support over 60 church groups in the parish all sharing God’s love in different ways in our community.  Something worth celebrating and continuing.

On average it costs over £460 per day to support the work that we do here in Wareham. Much of those funds come from our congregations and over our gift weekend we are asking our congregations to pray and think about how they give towards the work they do.   

However we also know that many people in our wider community appreciate our buildings and ministry and like to support us whenever they can. So this is also an opportunity for all those who love and appreciate the work and ministry of the churches and congregations in Wareham to show their appreciation by giving to ensure we are able to continue the important work that we do.


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